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Playing to get smart

This summer’s hit Kid's Pad ABC Bus! Let’s go on a fun ride!

The hot sunny summer is straight ahead calling for adventure and fun!

AZ Toys is inviting you on a fascinating journey with our brand-new addition to the Kid’s Pad series – ABC Bus!

More than a Kid’s Pad, it is a real bus with funny and loveable passengers, who will carry your child away on an incredible adventure full of surprising discoveries!

Pressing colorful pictures, the little one will pick up letters and numbers in no time.

Kids Pad_ABC Bus_03.jpg
The bus passengers – the Bunny, the little Elephant and the funny Monkey – are singing merry songs, and your smart little guy is bound to sing along bringing smiles to everybody’s faces.

A variety of 100+ questions and challenges is designed to entertain and help the child retain the new knowledge. The fun sounds and noises will engage the kid, who will be looking for familiar letters, solving riddles and even rhymed math problems.

Looking for a more all-round educational value? We’re adding the Magic Piano! Pressing its keys your child will be playing favorite melodies like true a musician.

Kid’s Pad – ABC Bus develops cognitive and maths skills, logical thinking and language skills, as well as fosters the child’s musical abilities.

Jump on the ABC Bus to join the funny Monkey, the little Elephant and the Bunny on the unforgettable and joyful bus trip! Enjoy the fun learning experience!